Isaflush Intestinal Cleanser: Does more than just make you have uncomfortable bathroom experience…


It used to be when I heard the term “colon cleanse”, I used to think of several uncomfortable trips to the restroom and painful cramping. I have discovered that this no longer the case. I have come across the best colon cleansing product that does not cause painful cramps or several trips to the bathroom. It is made out of five cleansing, minerals, magnesium oxide, and the unique bentonite clay. This product encourages regularity and comforts the digestive system.Bentonite is a form of healthy clay that has not only been used medicinally for centuries by indigenous peoples around the world, but has, in recent years, been increasingly prescribed by holistic health care practitioners as an effective internal cleanser. Magnesium oxide is different from most other magnesium supplements as it is affordable, safe, gentle, and stimulates intestinal cleansing without the griping and cramping pains associated with other magnesium products.Isaflush Intestinal Cleanse Support encourages regularity and helps to soothe intestinal discomfort using five gentle-cleansing herbs and minerals. IsaFlush is a safe and effective product that supports cleansing. It’s perfect for Cleanse Days and you can use it any time you have a problem with regularity or digestion. It also offers support to the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Using the best intestinal cleanser

IsaFlush (US/EN)What are the benefits of IsaFlush!?
Did you know that many diseases start in the digestive tract? A balanced digestive system helps improve your ability to eliminate waste, absorb nutrients and withstand physical, emotional and environmental stress. IsaFlush can help with
Greater regularity*
Reduced digestive discomfort*
Improved energy*
Integrates easily into your cleansing program*
Supports heart and lung health**Not to be used for diagnostic. Consult physician before use.




Ingredients in Isaflush

Magnesium: Relaxes the muscles in the intestines, helping establish a smoother rhythm.†
Bentonite: A clay that absorbs toxins and impurities as it goes through the system.†
Peppermint Leaf: Promotes healthy digestion by soothing and comforting the stomach.

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