IsaLean meal replacement protein shake

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are so versatile and appeal to many people. Some use them as low calorie meal replacement, athletes use them to build lean muscle, and others use them because they are convenient healthy meal substitute on the go.

Brown Rice vs. Whey Protein

Brown rice protein is considered incomplete because it has lower levels of certain essential amino acids. If all essential amino acids are not present in sufficient quantities the rice protein cannot be used for growth or maintenance of tissues. In this case protein in rice is often burned as fuel or converted into fat and stored. The protein will only be converted to fat if too many calories are consumed.Whey Protein has a complete amino acid profile and is by far the best complete protein.


Not all Whey Proteins are created equal

Most American farming soil is depleted of minerals and loaded with toxins. Most American dairy cattle are fed hormones and compromised food. Most supplement manufacturers cut corners and add fillers to cut cost. Thus, most whey protein available on the market today are hard for the body to digest and lacking in quality. The Whey Protein found in IsaLean meal replacement shakes are made from the highest quality (grade 7) whey protein concentrate and casein protein from the world’s largest dairy group in New Zealand, whose standards exceed the USDA organic standards. The cows are pasture-fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics. The protein in IsaLean shakes is extracted from the milk using a proprietary technology yielding an undernatured whey protein with extra added benefits and quality. IsaLean is a low lactose whey and contains digestive enzymes so it is easier to digest.


The new improved IsaLean Shake

Unbelievably creamy with added benefits.

The perfect nutrition for every aspect of your life. IsaLean Shakes are delicious, nutritionally complete meal replacements that take your health and performance to new levels. Benefits of New IsaLean Shakes Include:
1. 23 grams of exclusively sourced IsaPro® Complex, the highest quality whey and casein protein and a superior amino acid complex that helps you maintain and build lean body mass
2. Lower lactose levels for easier digestion
3. Ionic AlfalfaTM, our exclusive blend of over 70 supercharged trace minerals to keep your body running at peak performance
4. At only 240 calories and 6 grams of fat per shake, it’s a perfect, high nutrition food that’s less than $3 per meal*
5. A Clinically proven to support great weight-loss results and weight management**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
*Wholesale price available to Associates and Preferred Customers.
**Based on a university study where shakes replaced two meals each day for seven days resulted in greater weight loss and an increase in lean
body mass in comparison to our previous shakes. For maximum results, take IsaLean® Shakes as part of a complete Isagenix® system.


IsaLean Protein Shake



Low in Fat!

IsaLean shakes are low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol and have added enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maximize the absorption of key nutrients.



IsaLean Shakes are full of premium nutrition which includes a balanced ratio of high-quality protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates.


All natural!

IsaLean shakes contain only natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oils, fillers, artificial flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. *


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