IsaLean meal replacement energy bars

The rising need for meal replacement bars

With the busy lifestyle today of most people, it is convenient to be able to grab a bar and eat it on the go instead of stopping to sit down and eat a meal. When using energy bars to replace meals, it is important that they provide vital nutrients to keep your body going and energized. They need to be well-balanced meals in a bar.

IsaLean Bars: Power your way through the day

When you’re on the go, try these convenient, nutritionally balanced Isalean meal replacement bars. When compared to similar bars, the IsaLean Meal replacement bars contain more protein, have less carbs, and have less sugar. The protein is from a high-grade whey protein blend, packed with a superior amino acid complex that helps to encourage and support lean muscle body mass. The bars are low calorie, contain no trans fats, and boost energy. They help to boost energy and contain low lactose levels for easier digestion. They are also very tasty with four flavors to choose from.
The four flavors are:
Chocolate Peanut Crunch
Chocolate Cream Crisp
Chocolate Decadence
Lemon Passion

How do IsaLean® Bars compare to the competition?

When compared with other similar bars, IsaLean Bars contain more protein and less carbohydrates and sugar, making them well-balanced, healthy meals. IsaLean Bars are all-natural meal replacements that contain only the highest quality ingredients including hormone and antibiotic-free whey protein.*


Meal replacement bars

“IsaLean Bars are delicious, nutritious, protein-packed meal replacement energy bars that satisfy”

Ingredients in Chocolate Peanut Crunch

IsaLean Bars provide balanced nutrients to maximize nutrition while minimizing calorie intake for safe weight loss. IsaLean Bars contain superior nutrition compared to other meal replacement bars on the mark

IsaLean Bars are complete meal replacement bars with a balanced ratio of quality protein, carbohydrates and fats that work in synergy to slow the absorption of sugar, which makes the bars low-glycemic. Also, the carbohydrate and sugar count is relatively low when compared to other meal options.More and more studies are revealing how important protein is on satiety. Evidence is also emerging regarding the role that branched-chain amino acids play in stimulating protein synthesis, fueling muscle maintenance and growth. The high-quality protein in IsaLean Bars help support weight loss and management by curbing hunger and keeping you satisfied longer. It also helps to both promote muscle growth and maintain muscle as you age.

IsaLean Bars Contain 18 grams of undernatured whey protein.

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