New extraction process improves cleanse for life berry

Just when you think the Cleanse for Life berry couldn’t get any better, Isagenix suprises us with even better technology. New, State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Extraction Techniques have been discovered and are now being utilized by Isagenix. The potency of each rare, no-compromise ingredient has been improved up to 2- to 3-times its original potency level because of the improved manufacturing and extraction process that pulls all of the phytochemical properties from the botanicals at the cellular level.

How has this improved Cleanse for Life?

It is now 2 to 3 times more powerful and effective!

  • New Ingredients Added
    Founder and Master Formulator John Anderson added two new ingredients, Turmeric and Burdock Root, to enhance your cleansing results naturally.
    Turmeric (curcuma longa): Traditionally used as a digestive aid, turmeric has potent antioxidant activity, supports detoxification and helps protect against oxidative stress.
    Burdock Root (arctium lappa): Increased amounts of burdock to help support liver health and the removal of accumulated waste products via the kidneys, skin and mucus membranes

Cleanse for Life berry powder is also more convenient because no refrigeration is needed and the smaller jar equals a whole bottle of the liquid version; just add water!


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