Is Isagenix Keto Friendly?

Are the Isagenix products Ketogenic friendly?

How many of you are hearing about the Keto Diet? Beware, not all Keto diets are equal. Isagenix started the movement years ago, but they just didn’t call it that. It’s all about getting people’s body into KETOSIS (burning fat for fuel instead of carbs). Two Isagenix cleanse days using Cleanse for Life back to back and you are in Ketosis! Instead of eating greasy bacon and sausage, you are drinking delicious Super Food NUTRITION with the Isagenix “keto” diet. Plus, you are digesting absorbable protein causing massive increase in lean tissue.

Pulling the carbs out of your diet is easy with the Isagenix Products. You can drink 2 Isalean Pro Shakes a day on a Keto Diet. For those of you staying under 50 net carbs a day, two IsaLean Pro shakes is only 30 net carbs. Better yet you can consume 1 scoop Isalean shake and 1 scoop IsaPro Protein powder then you are only at 10 net carbs per shake and that’s 20 net carbs per day. For those of you trying to stay closer to 20 net carbs a day you can make a high fat moderate protein low carb shake with 1 scoop of IsaPro protein powder, which by itself is only 2g net carbs. Click here for an example keto protein shake recipe. Make your other meal  lean and green and this still keeps you well within the ideal range for burning more fat! EVEN BETTER, fueling your body with the world’s highest quality protein gives you an edge in building more muscle and improving recovery.



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